Italy bans free streaming of Serie A soccer matches.

A Milan court has ruled that streaming sites violate the copyright of the Italian top-flight and the Champions League and have ordered Italian internet suppliers to stop customers accessing them.

The suit was brought by Mediaset which claimed copyright infringement through the internet provider Fastweb.

For the first time in Italy a Court, has in fact ordered a major supplier of Italian Internet to inhibit all its customers access to the domain, one of the main sites that systematically violates the Copyright races of Serie A and the Champions League.

At the same time, the court has also ordered the TLC company the immediate removal of all the sites named 'Rojadirecta', regardless of the country where they are registered, fixing a penalty of € 30,000 for each day of delay implementation of the measure.

The decision of the Court of Milan is the first of its kind, and is of particular relevance of case law on the subject of the fight against piracy.