The Italian Data Protection Authority and the Right to Be Forgotten.

There are about fifty cases defined by the Data Protection Authority related to ordinary people, local public figures, professionals who have turned to the Authority after the rejection of requests for de-indexation by Google. Another dozen appeals are being defined.

This is the balance a year and half after the so-called ruling "Google Spain" (C-131/12) of the Court of Justice of the European Union on the right to be forgotten, that has forced Google to give a response to requests for removal, from the search results, links to web pages that contain the name of the applicant. 

In about a third of cases closed, the Data Protection Authority has accepted the request of the interested parties by ordering Google to remove links to pages on the web that reported data that are no longer in the public interest, information often excessive, referring to people foreign to each other Judicial narrated, or damaging to the private sphere. In all other cases, however, the Authority has rejected cases on the belief that Google's position was correct, invoking a predominant public interest in accessing information through search engines.  materiality of the information.