The last few days have been extremely turbulent for web companies with the government always looking for new measures to tax the network.

The proposal to reform the Copyright Directive, one of the most discussed European Commission regulations, does not appear to be in consensus during the discussions in the European Parliament. In particular the new Directive tries to introduce rules (art. 11) in favor of the publishers (the so called "Google Tax") and the requirement (art. 13) for intermediaries to set up filters for content that users enter in order to delete those that are in violation of copyright. The mechanism attempts to monetize one of the genetic activity of the web, hypertext but the fear is that it can occur  what as already happened in Spain and Germany, where publishers have the right to get paid by Google News. The result was a traffic collapse of publishers' sites. Recently, however, the apparent negative consequences of adopting the link tax in Spain appear to have not dissuaded the Italian government from taking such an initiative. Apparently the government is studying a rule that oblige news aggregators like Google News to reach a commercial deal with publishers. In the event of this agreement failing, a mediation process may arise before the AgCom or the dedicated section of the Council Presidency before leading to a judicial proceeding.