Guess What?

The Court of appeal of Milan rendered a new decision in the dispute between Gucci and Guess on the alleged imitation of some of Gucci’s iconic design elements in its products, such as the large block letter “G” and red and green stripes.

In their defense, Guess slammed down the allegations and refuted by saying that the patterns and designs are in fact common in the world of fashion and it’s not particular to Gucci.

In a ruling rendered on September 15, 2014, no. 3308, the Court of Appeal of Milan has partially upheld the appeal filed by Guccio Gucci S.p.A. against the American brand GUESS reforming in part the judgment of first instance no. 6095 of 2013, which decided on the request by Gucci to declare the counterfeiting of numerous national brands and Community ownership of the actress, as well as unfair competition pursuant to art. 2598, n. 1 and 2 and 3, cod. civ., also in terms of parasitic competition especially with respect to the

This ruling seems to put an end to a battle which began in 2009 in front of the New York Federal Court.