Graffiti art

McDonald's Accused of Infringing the Copyright of American Graffiti Artists.


After the restyling of its restaurants, Mc Donald’s is trying to get closer to a younger audience and to defend itself from indiscriminate production of parodistic graffiti that defame the American company’s image.

However, with a huge boomerang effect, the American company attracted many lawsuits for rights violation by graffiti artists who accuse McDonald’s of copying them. The latest lawsuit was filed by Jean Berreau, Dash Snow’s former partner and current manager of his properties.

“Nothing is more antithetical regarding its reputation as outsider than the big companies’ consumerism which McDonald's and its marketing are the most importantexponents”. This is what it is written in the complaint. Snow, who actually was a descendant of a aristocrats French family.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the company’s new style is accused of violating copyright: last 25 March another writer, Norm, sued the fast food chain, accusing it of having copied his famous graffiti made in Brooklyn, in Bartlett Street (“Norm on the fire escape of Bartlett”). Unlike Snow, Norm is not against a commercial use of his job, indeed we worked with big firms. However, in his complaint he asserts that McDonald’s “has decided consciously to coat the walls around the world with its restaurants, by using Norm’s name, his art, style and brand”. Also, the company “has used and is still using copies of Norm’s work of art in several restaurants in Europe and Asia, without his consent. However, in less than a month, the writer renounced the suit, refusing any comment on the event: we don’t know whether Norm and the McDonald’s company come to an agreement.