Professional Rules of conduct

Linked Out.

The most striking aspect in the strict regulation of the new Italian code of professional conduct, which will be valid from December 15, is the fact that it quite clearly excludes the possibility for almost as many as 100.000 Italian lawyers to use not only of Facebook Pages or online advertising, but even LinkedIn.

There seems to be little room for misunderstandings. In fact the new wording of article 35 clearly states that online communication for law firms shall be possible "only on websites with their own domain name without possibility of redirecting information from another website."

This rule in not only surprising because clearly out of time with respect to the current digital communication context, but also because it punishes inappropriate behavior, like the use of local directories or even Google Maps.

The new Italian professional code of conduct seems to preclude the possibility for a law firm to defend and improve their reputation through the use of digital media and comparison with users.

While other professionals such as architects and designers show a steady increase in the Net as a community space to create and animate discussion groups not only for professionals, the new Italian professional code of conduct limits competition within the legal profession and transparency towards citizens.