trade dress

Ivanka Trump's Copycat S(c)andal.

Aquazzura was founded in 2011 in Florence by Colombian-born designer Edgardo Osorio to create glamorous, sexy shoes for the modern woman.

Aquazzura, has recently filed a trade dress infringement suit against Ivanka Trump and her licensee, Marc Fisher, for allegedly copying the design of the “Wild Thing Shoe” a best seller of the Florence based company.

Ivanka Trump owns a New York-based clothing and accessories collection, under which she released a  shoe collection.

According to Aquazzura, Ivanka Trump and Marc Fisher are producing footwear that “mimics every key element of the trade dress of Aquazzura’s well-known and distinctive” shoes, in particular, a $145 "exact copy" of its own $700+ Wild Thing style.

Aquazzura, alleges that Trump and Fisher make use of the trade dress of the Wild Thing Shoe. 

Under US Law a trade dress is a form of trademark protection that extends to the overall commercial image of a product that indicates or identifies the source of the product and distinguishes it from those of others. It may include the design or shape/configuration of a product.

Aquazzura, which has set forth claims for trade dress infringement, unfair competition, and deceptive trade practices, is seeking both preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, an accounting of Defendants’ profits flowing from their use of infringing trade dress, damages, attorneys’ fees, and any “other relief as the Court deems just and proper.”