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We counsel producers, actors, distributors and talent agents in the different phases of the creation of a movie.


We intervene in matters relating to the c.d. "Chain of title" and waivers to copyrights and image rights.

Our expertise covers development, option agreements, production and pre-production agreements (whether for film, television,  or theater), distribution agreements, management agreements, recording deals, digital licensing, advertising deals, and merchandising agreements.

In the post-production phase we draw up contracts related to music synchronization and dubbing.

In this field, we have recently been involved in the following operations:

  • Negotiation and assistance in the acquisition of the rights to the cinematographic exploitation of the Luneburg variant, by Paolo Maurensig

  • The negotiation and purchase of the rights to a novel by a famous Neapolitan writer for the making of a film

  • Assistance in negotiating the directing contract for a first work

  • Drafting of an agreement for the distribution of a documentary on the internet

  • Assistance to a director in the execution of a "play or pay" clause.

In the field of entertainment law we represent entertainers musicians, bands, songwriters, novelists, journalists, artists, photographers, filmmakers, screenwriters, and anyone else offering their creations for the entertainment of others.

 Our lawyers are available to assist you with all matters related to:

  • Entertainment Law Contracts (management contracts, recording contracts, pressing and distribution deals)

  • Copyrights

  • Entertainment Law Litigation

  • Royalty disputes.

Representative Cases: 

  • The organization of a charity gala for Sharon Stone's Planet Hope Foundation

  • The organization of concerts of artists such as Gianna Nannini, Ute Lemper, Cher, Kylie Minogue and Matt Goss.