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The digital world is becoming increasingly important in modern business relations.

We assist our clients in the field of new media and high technology in aspects related to Digital & IT contracts.

Our business areas include:

  • Digital Media

  • Big Data

  • E-commerce

  • Data Centers

  • Domain names

  • Online Terms & Conditions

  • Mobile

The Firm has in the past assisted:

  • A company which developed an app for delivery services

  • A leading software company in the insurance industry

  • A software company which manages data for the banking and insurance industry

  • The international bar code association.

Our firm is highly specialized in the field of Software Law as we have been advising software developers and companies from the early stage of their start-up phase. We have a deep knowledge  in key related areas, including intellectual property, technology transactions, data security, and litigation.

In assisting our clients we can provide assistance in drafting and reviewing:

  • Development contracts

  • Licensing agreements

  • Maintenance contracts

  • Installation and implementation contracts

  • Escrow agreements.