The Battle between Soundreef and SIAE Rages on.

With a measure of the last May 27 the Court of Milan suspendedthe execution promoted by SIAE against a Soundreef’s client company guilty, according to SIAE itself, for having paid royalties for the spread of environment music to the english collecting society.

Soundreef participated in the proceeding to support its client’s reason, arguing the legitimacy of intermediation carried out in Italy for rights to spread music within a commercial operation, while, according to SIAE, the english collecting society did not have any proxy for the mediation of such rights.

With the measure, the Judge – on the basis of case files – considered, for the time being, founded the Soundreef’s thesis and therefore rejected the SIAE’s appeal pending the decision of trial judgment.

According to the Court of Milan, SIAE did not, in fact, prove to have any proxy to mediate the copyrights on works used by the mentioned commercial operation and, in any case, did not have any right to charge penalties also requested to the user.

It should be understood the Soundreef’s future after the recent outcome of referendum on Great Britain’s exit from the European Union. Once the exit process from the European Union will be completed, Soundreef can no longer rely on the direct application of Barnier directive (EU 2014/26).